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January 10, 2010 By: Brian Crawford Category: Links

Trance.nuas I’ve been posting links to sites with good information for budding techno producers, I figure I should take a moment to point out Trance.nu, “a central, global place for trance enthusiasts to gather and talk about the music they are so passionate about”. Trance.nu boasts a sizeable community of trance music fans, and features interviews with the likes of such trance stars as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and Ferry Corsten. The site was started by Europeans (as evidenced by the site’s wiki), but for some reason it is hosted in Canada (as evidenced by my Flagfox add-on).

for those interested in creating trance music, the forums are very good, and the How do I produce? forum is dedicated toward helping users who produce, with tutorials about gating, compression, how to make a good kick drum sound, and the like. One important thing to note, is that it isn’t good manners to post the songs you’ve created for feedback without offering feedback on the songs that others have made in return, and it is never allowed to post DJ mixes of songs that you haven’t created or don’t own the rights to distribute.

I personally frequent the boards as soundlord, though I probably don’t participate as much as I should. It’s a great community!

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  1. please list your top djs on this site and if your a dj please let us know who you are and where your from along with your e-mail address. thanks,
    “enjoy music responsibly”


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