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club sense

December 31, 2009 By: Brian Crawford Category: Personal

lately I’ve been working on a new melodic trance song; unfortunately it won’t be ready until next year (as I’m not getting it done in the next four hours or so), but hopefully soon after.

you might say I’m getting back to my roots, as I first started dabbling in melodic trance well over a decade ago, but I do notice that the trance songs I’ve been working on lately on have somewhat of a minimal feel to them. They rely heavily on minimal-sounding drums and sweeps, and though the songs themselves aren’t minimal (having many layers) I do tend to add minimal touches to them.

another thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t tend to feature huge long instrumental (and beat-free) buildups in the middle of my songs. These are pretty popular in trance these days, especially in epic and Dutch trance, but I can’t seem to feature them in my tracks, and I think the reason is because the tracks that feature them seem to lack dance-ability. True, these massive buildups are awesome for building intense emotion and mood, and can trigger a euphoric state if done correctly, but when done incorrectly they leave the crowd standing around on the dance floor staring at the lights and boggling while waiting for you to get on with the beats. I don’t want to be the cause of that.

maybe in a remix I’ll spend some time trying to work such a break into one of my trance songs. But until then, I’ll continue with smaller breaks, steady beats, and more danceable tracks.

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